Zahlungsmöglichkeiten / Payment options

With us, you have the following payment options:

  • PayPal / PayPal instalment payment
    If you choose the payment method "PayPal", you will be forwarded directly to our payment service provider "PayPal" during the ordering process. There you will be asked to log in with your email address and your PayPal password. Depending on your credit rating, you can also request "PayPal" instalment payment. After the payment confirmation, you will be returned to our website, which you must wait for. The invoice amount will then be debited directly from your PayPal account.

  • Direct debit and credit card
    This payment option is a service of our payment service provider "PayPal". During the ordering process, you will be redirected to "PayPal". A PayPal account is not required for this payment option. After the payment confirmation, you will be returned to our website, which you must wait for.

  • Sight order
    This payment method enables you to personally convince yourself of the quality of our product. You will receive the ordered goods "on account" and can review them for 3 days free of charge and without any payment. If you are in favor of the product after your review, you only have to pay the invoice and could keep the delivered product. If you are not in favor of the product, just send the product back to us and we will cancel the invoice.  
  • Bank transfer (pre-payment)
    As a small gift for using this payment option, you will receive a discount of 2 percent on the entire shopping cart. After the order process, you will receive an order confirmation via email, which contains all information including our bank details. As reason for payment, please specify the order number from the order confirmation. Please note that the bank transfer could take a few days depending on the bank. We will send the goods immediately after receipt of payment according to the respective delivery times. If we do not receive any payment after 10 days, we will automatically cancel and delete your order.
  • Cash on delivery
    With this payment option, you will receive the goods with a payment advice note. The goods ordered must be paid at the parcel service upon delivery. Cash on delivery is only possible with DHL. The fee for “cash on delivery” is currently 6.90 € plus a transmission fee which is raised by the shipping provider.