Garantiebedingungen / Guarantee conditions

Professor Optiken stands for high quality products and therefore gives a 10-year guarantee on all optical products (binoculars, riflescopes and reflex sights) and their components. The guarantee period always begins with the original invoice date of the purchase from the retailer or from us. During the guarantee period, defects will be remedied free of charge at the discretion of Professor Optiken GmbH by replacement or repair. In the event of a repair, you are entitled to a functional product. This does for instance not include the repair of signs of usage. In the event of an exchange, your product can also be replaced by an equivalent product. This guarantee applies in addition to the statutory warranty claims. The guarantee is generally transferable, but the originally purchase from the retailer or from us must always be verifiable.

What is not covered by this guarantee? Our guarantee does not apply if there are defects due to improper use, negligence, accident damages, modifications or unauthorized repairs. This also includes consequential damages to the mentioned reasons for exclusion. Furthermore, this guarantee does not cover damage from natural disasters or exceptional situations (such as war or war-like conditions).

An extension of the service within the scope of this guarantee, which relates to the mentioned reasons for exclusion, is solely at the discretion of Professor Optiken GmbH.

In the event of a guarantee claim, our online form should be used to submit the application ( A description of the failure has to be given in this online form, which must be as precise as possible. It is also helpful if appropriate images of the defect are uploaded. For riflescopes, it is also necessary to upload a shot protocol (shooting target). After completing the application review, the defective product could be sent to the following address without accessories (riflescopes without mounting), stating the process number:

Professor Optiken GmbH
- Logistics Center -
Chemnitzer Straße 36-38
09228 Chemnitz Germany

The shipping costs for the submission will of course be reimbursed to you upon presentation of the corresponding payment receipt.

Guarantee conditions - HIKMICRO
HIKMICRO gives a 3-year guarantee on all optoelectronic devices, but only a 2-year guarantee is given on the housings and their attachments. The exact guarantee conditions can be found here

Guarantee conditions - InfiRay
InfiRay gives a 2-year guarantee on all optoelectronic devices. The exact guarantee conditions can be found here