Wer ist der Professor? / Who is the Professor?

Professor Optiken is an established brand that has set itself the task of providing its customers with high-quality products at a comparatively low price. The professor's founding team consists of creative minds, passionate entrepreneurs, optics experts and also users from the sport shooting and hunting area. We are broadly based as our product range, which we fully support at all times.

The Professor sees himself as a "full-range supplier". We only want to offer products with the best price-performance ratio. In addition to the classic optical products such as binoculars, riflescopes and reflex sights, we also have thermal imaging devices and night vision gears in our range. Standing still is not an option for us. That’s why we will expand the product range continuously to meet the needs of our customers.

Made in Germany? There are certainly some optics manufacturers that can shine with this credo - we are also transparent and honest in this case: We do not produce exclusively in Germany. Particularly in the area of low-priced optics, we realize the production according to our specifications and designs in Asia - not only in China, but also in the Philippines and Japan. However, the customer does not have to be afraid of the quality. On the one hand, the production of optics in Asia has a long tradition and on the other hand, the production on site is strictly controlled by us on a regular basis. In addition, each product undergoes through a comprehensive quality control by our team in Germany.

With our namesake founding member, Prof. Dr. Markus Michael, working with us as technical director, we will manufacture our top products in Germany in the future. We are currently researching new and innovative optical products in cooperation with the TU Chemnitz. 

We are particularly proud of our logistics, especially when it comes to importing and shipping. Our logistics has more than 20 years of experience in importing. This guarantees a smooth and uncomplicated supply of our products. The logistics center in Germany is very efficient and usually ships your order on the same day.

The Professor manages the balancing act of offering a great and high-quality product at the best possible price. We are convinced of the Professor and therefore give a 10-year guarantee on all optical products. You can also convince yourself of our quality and have all products delivered to you free of charge as a "sight order".
Beste Grüße, der Professor